Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to business.

I'm counting down the days until I no longer have freedom. Meaning I start back to school in less than a week and a half. Am I registered? Do I have a clue what my schedule is? Have I attempted scheduling any patients? Have I bought books? The answer (to every aforementioned question above) is simply NO. I am seriously lacking the desire to do any of this because I know once it starts, it goes until graduation next May. Don't get me wrong, I love cleaning teeth and probably gross many people out with my love for looking in mouths. It's just that these next two semesters present the greatest of challenges, as in, harder patients, national boards, community service projects, plus bookwork and so on. Not to mention 2 hours of my day are spent driving to and from Temple. Eek! Grace Lord, I need grace! Marriage will also be considerably different. I took two classes this summer and have worked consistently. Although the combination was at times annoying, for the most part, I was able to maintain the house, cook and clean easily. All I can say is that I hope Dan doesn't mind leftovers when school starts. I'm praying that the Lord gives me a supernatural ability to be organized and energized enough to keep Him as my first priority, and Daniel as my second, no matter what project is due, or how nasty someone's teeth are. I can't even begin to tell you how the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to be doing what I'm doing and where. I'm the first and only transfer to Temple's Dental Hygiene program. Coincidence? No, Jesus. Plain and simple. Have I made pretty good grades? Yes, but not by my power. Example: the week of our wedding. If anyone ever tries to plan a wedding amidst having transferred schools and moving, don't do it. (unless you have a supermom like mine) Anyway, so about midway through the semester, I find out that my Nutrition final is the Monday of the week of our wedding. Stay calm. So the time closes in, and before you know it it's the weekend before our wedding, A.K.A. moving time. That weekend, I was in charge of getting the house cleaned and ready to move into, which left about an hour to study for my comprehensive Nutrition final Monday morning. I've realized that when it comes to school, if I'm gonna study anything at all, it needs to be the Bible and to give the Lord His time first and foremost. And that's what I did. And praise the Lord, He blessed it! I got a 95 on the final after studying an hour! Is any human capable of that? No! By His power, all things are possible!
With the start of this new semester does come the time of the year I love most- fall. Dan and I have been working on sprucing up the backyard and the front so we can enjoy the Texas fall when the time comes.
It's not just the changing of leaves or the warm feeling you get from seeing pumpkins and little goblins, it is peace. It is solace. It is the Lord's handiwork at its finest. And I absolutely can't wait.
The fact that dove hunting season opens September 1st and deer season follows in November doesn't hurt either. :)
So to sum it up, I'm praying for an inward peace for this next school year. I'm praying for motivation to want to go to school and give it everything I've got. I'm praying for boldness to lay hands on and share the Gospel with my patients and the girls in my class. After all, people can't really object when you've got your hands in their mouth! :) I'm praying for balance when it comes to being a follower of Jesus first, a wife second, and a student. If anyone wants some Jesus along with a clean mouth, give me a call.

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  1. I see that this post was written at 5:30am...shouldn't you be sleeping? I can say from being a busy wife that sometimes you have to overlook the laundry and the floor that needs sweeping and relax- it will still be there tomorrow! and I am sure Dan won't mind leftovers- most things are better the next day anyways! Love and miss you Jenny! You know you can call me anytime!