Wednesday, May 12, 2010

much needed update

Here is a much needed update about what has been going on in our lives! We are still alive and well and have been experiencing so many exciting things. Last Thursday, May 6th, I graduated from dental hygiene school. Finally! PRAISE GOD! This past Monday, May 10th, I started my new job! PRAISE GOD! Tuesday, May 11th, I found out I passed my state board WREB exam with an almost perfect score! PRAISE GOD! God is so good!
Dental hygiene schools don't really celebrate graduation, they celebrate "pinning." My pinning ceremony was so personal and so sweet because there were only 10 of us, along with our family and friends. It was such a wonderful time to celebrate with my classmates and instructors. Throughout the entire ceremony, I was humbled by thinking about just how God had orchestrated my entrance, transfer, grades, tests..........everything. I was truly in awe of how good our Father is and was completely humbled. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up everyday now and know I don't have any homework, projects or rotations to do. This moment was 6 years in the making. That's how long I've been in school. And it will have to take an act of God to get me to ever go back to school. :)
My new job is even more evidence as to God's goodness. I have the privilege to work for a dentist whose office I observed earlier this semester. This dentist, and seemingly the entire staff, are followers of Jesus. The office is unbelievably state-of-the-art and looks more like you've walked into a spa rather than a dental office. While I am not able to practice until I have my license in hand (which usually takes about 2-3 weeks) he is allowing me to work 4 days a week assisting, helping with office work, observing the procedures, and familiarizing myself with how things will be once I begin "working." I will be cleaning teeth Thursdays and Fridays, and if I'd like, have the option to help around the office Mondays and Tuesdays for some extra hours. The dentist says that it's seems as though the office will be busy enough come early fall to have me cleaning teeth 3, maybe even 4 days a week. Unreal. I am still going to work as much as I can at Amelia's. I may work some Wednesdays and some Saturdays just for extra $ and all of the great perks of working! :) It has dawned on me, however, that my weekly wardrobe will largely consist of scrubs. Oh well.
Dan is so excited that I'll finally be working, and that we'll be able to have more of a routine. And he's pretty pumped about free dental everything too. :)

Anyway, consider yourself caught up on the lives of Daniel and Jenny Dagley, for now at least. Since I feel as though I'll have a bit more time now that I'm done with school, I'll try to write more often. Lesson for the day: God is crazy good.