Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Makeover and the Major Leagues

So here I am, reminiscing about today and am silently wondering to myself how I managed to go from one extreme to another. Okay rewind. To give some background, I spent the better part of my morning discussing how to grow herbs with some of my dental hygiene girls while learning how to make bleaching trays. In an effort to slowly improve my mom's style and ditch the frumpiness, I spent a lengthy but fun 5 to 6 hours picking out clothes with and for my mom at both Goodwill and The Clothesline. I mean I was forever up to my elbows in Ann Taylor Loft Shirts for 4 bucks! You haven't lived until you rummage through "lumps of coal" then finally find a diamond! We got her a new wardrobe of Talbots, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Gap, and Target goods for about 90$! Can't beat it! I then came home and began to attempt to make somewhat of a gourmet meal. So basically I've been the epitome of a girl today..........that is until now.

I'm currently sitting on the couch in my living room watching a Rangers game with 3 guys--Daniel, Kyle, and my Rusty Bear (our Austrailian Shepherd), listening to them discuss how, if given the chance, they would marry Josh Hamilton in a heartbeat. I find myself chiming in when they talk about sports and almost forgetting that it's not okay to let out a burp. I feel as though I'm suddenly the epitome of a guy instead. I'm praying the Lord would give me an extra dose of girliness tomorrow to make up for it. :) In the meantime, for any single girls reading this, in an effort to find a match for Kyle, here's a few words about our beloved friend Kyle Ogle. Forgive my corny correlations, the terminology was forged into my blood when I married the sports fanatic that is Daniel Dagley.

Kyle plays on Jesus' team. He's humble enough to sit the bench. He doesn't hold back, he swings for the fences in everything he does. Life has thrown him a lot of strikes, but he hasn't struck out. All in all, he's a home run ladies. :)

I know I know, I'm a huge dork, but what's to be expected?! Goodness I need to hang out with girls more!

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