Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here Goes Nothing

Okay, so after some serious thought, and in a valiant effort to phase out my love for facebook, I have decided to start blogging. I have realized after having been on facebook for almost 5 years (gasp!) that in my boredom, it has become my most unproductive use of time. (Not like blogging would necessarily be considered as productive either) Regardless, I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing and am looking forward to doing it on a frequent enough basis to at least make myself feel productive.

Dan, with that precious smirk of his, slightly chuckled when he saw my new web creation because he, of all people, undoubtedly knows that blogging has the potential to suck as much time out of my life as facebook has in the past. I vow this shall not be so. For now anyway.

So here's to the beginning of a potentially beautiful union between a woman and her blog. Here goes nothing.

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